Emulating a Childhood (Part 2)

Saturday, November 16th, 2013


Most people think emulators are only used to play the basic games. Play an old game they no longer own. However, some of the most fun I’ve ever had gaming, was with games that weren’t real, rather it was all with hacks.

When emulators came out, coding was needed for the games as well. However, people figured out that if they had the blueprint for a game, they could go in, and basically create a hack, or their own game. One of the best Pokemon games I’ve ever played is called Pokemon Light Platinum. It’s a game not by Game Freak or Nintendo, but a hack created by a random fan.

There are endless possiblities, and there are a ton of hacks. One of the most popular are Super Mario World 3 hacks, where a new story and new levels were added. Brutal Mario is one of the most popular, and it’s also one of those hardest. If you’re a Youtube junkie, you most likely have seen Mario Frustration. The game he plays in that is a hack, and is one of many hard games made for the hardcore computer gamer. Games are made to test skill, and others are just fun with really great stories.

Lastly, and personally this is my favorite hack of all time, and this hack actually answered so many of our prayers as a child. Thanks to hacking, PokeMMO was created, and for those who don’t know what MMO means, all you need to know is this is Pokemon online, where you play, trade, battle other real life people while progressing through the normal Leaf Green story mode.

Emulators have endless abilities, thanks to smart people acting on wishes, whether it be an impossible Mario level, or online Pokemon. This is where I get the most use out of emulators, it’s expanding my gaming horizons and playing hacks that are basically playable fan fiction. Do some research, and download a hack today, they are surprisingly more fun than some of the originals.


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